In the community we would be called a permanent supportive sober housing solution but here at Welcome Homes, we call it a community of support to help men and women with barriers to housing to help them not just survive but to thrive. Our goal is to provide housing that is sober, safe, welcoming, and that last step of transition into the community that for some has been a challenging journey.

Each of our homes use a circle of support and accountability model that’s made up of a group of community volunteers. The circles are where hopes and dreams can be discovered, where problems and the difficulties of life can be talked about and supported, it is a safe place where all are treated with honesty, dignity, and each has a voice, it is the heartbeat of the home and where community begins.

The homes are self-pay as we are not a government or grant funded program. You must have the ability to pay, be responsible and you need to have the desire to be a part of community. We support your transition back into the community and do not legislate what you will or will not do, other than abiding by the house rules which include attending the circle. However, as part of our application process we are looking for those that are ready for change and desire to be successful. This is not a hands-off approach but truly a how can we do community together with support, encouragement, and accountability.

It is important for the health of our homes that we are all working together as a community. As part of the process each resident has a voice in the circle process as to whether a new resident will fit into the home. It is your home and each resident has a voice, is responsible for the home, keeping it safe, healthy, clean, and a welcoming place where life with its joys and struggles is lived.

If you are ready to then we’d like for you to apply.

Criteria for Selection
  • Ability to legally pay room fee (room fees range between $300-$600.00 per month) (deposit ranges from $300-$500)
  • Motivated to change
  • Completed treatment or currently doing treatment


House Values
  • Respect
  • Equality
  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Compassion
  • Accountability
Benefits to Welcome Homes:
  • Have a permanent address
  • Have support and connections to resources
  • Live in a safe, sober environment
  • Felon friendly or as we say “returning citizen” friendly
Next steps to your new home:
  • Fully fill out a Welcome Homes application
  • Complete an interview
  • Participate in a circle and meet the other residents
  • If approved, sign a residential agreement and expectations of the house
  • Pay deposit and room fee
  • Then move-in and Welcome Home!

If you are ready for the next step into the community apply now!


The application is a fillable PDF and will require Adobe Reader. To send the application save the completed application to a computer and email it as an attachment to