Welcome Homes

Welcome Homes is a program of YouHaveThePower.org that provides sober housing, transitional services and pro-social support to those in reentry and recovery with barriers to housing. Each of our homes enlist the community to use a circle of support model to manage and support those citizens returning to the community. This model has been successfully used since 1994 in Canada, United Kingdom and the United States. Circles of Support are based on restorative justice principles. Each circle has a team of 4-6 community members who receive training and support from professionals. The circle meets regularly to facilitate the transitioning members’ practical needs, provide emotional support, challenge the behaviors and attitudes,  and develop constructive and pro-social strategies to address everyday problems.Nationally the statistics show that these are the greatest factors in reducing recidivism and relapse:

  • Mentoring
  • Safe Housing
  • Adequate Employment
  • Pro-social support
How it Works

Each home, located throughout the metro area, is privately owned and has returning citizens in transition residing in the homes while participating in the circles of support. We recruit and train a circle of support for each home to provide mentoring, healthy relationships, decision making, coaching, accountability, conflict resolution, recreation and pro-social support. Each circle of support has a Circle Keeper with 4-6 diverse community members. Welcome Homes collaborates with other service providers to assist the residents with soft skills training, job skills, employment and financial management training as needed. By providing housing and pro-social environments for those individuals who are re-entering the community after treatment or incarceration reduces relapse and recidivism. The Welcome Homes model invites the entire community to be part of the solution, help their neighbors thrive and make their communities safe.